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My Projects

Nifty Island - Web3 Gameplay Content Marketing

Date: 5/15/22 | Status: Ongoing

Formulating content marketing strategies for Nifty Island. Gameplay captures involve environment setup, 3D asset prep, and directing players in-game. I handle full production from concept to completed video. This includes all editing, motion graphics, and the final audio mix. During production I make extensive use of the Adobe Creative suite and digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live.
Forgotten Runes Gameplay

Some Nifty Island Work - Dynamically Generating Metaverse-ready Chibis

Date: 6/02/2023 | Status: Ongoing

Miilady is an advanced "neochibi" character generator, with a blockchain based NFT minting component. This XR focused project encompasses various disciplines, including 3D design, front-end and back-end development, three.js, python programming, and web3 interactions. Its primary purpose is to provide users with a captivating anime character creation experience, featuring real-time 3D model generation. This capability is achieved through a specialized Blender-based pipeline, which includes dynamic, roll-based minting to introduce emergent rarity mechanics into the final collection.

It's inspired by Milady Maker, a generative pfpNFT art project launched in August 2021 by an internet based art collective. In addition, it utilizes the ETM Metadata standard created by Nifty Island for enabling compatibility with web3 game worlds.
Miilady Screenshot Miilady GIF

Makelismos - Paintings transformed into digital experiences

Date: 12/01/21 | Status: Completed

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the team at Makelismos on a project to translate the paintings of Rene Makela into 3D digital collectibles. This initiative merged interactive media with art, offering an immersive experience that deepens engagement with the original artworks. While creating the 3D model for Rene Makela's Basquiat tribute, I employed a custom three.js model viewer and designed the entire scene from the ground up, drawing inspiration from the original painting. Every inscription was animated individually. The final step involved baking all movements into the 3D model through the use of shape keys and vertex animations, ensuring smooth and seamless playback of the scene with a unified animation.

View the completed scene here.

Rene Makela Basquiat Tribute

Photogrammetry - Exploring Spatial Media Capture

Date: 2018 | Status Ongoing

Photogrammetry, a method for creating 3D digital models of real-world objects and scenes, offers vast potential in cultural preservation, architecture, and journalism. As its techniques become more efficient, it increasingly finds more uses in recording history and democratizing scientific research, revolutionizing how we document and analyze the world.

My original pursuit of photogrammetry was out of my interest in utilizing it as an artistic medium, however I discovered so much more, and created a few video tutorials covering the subject matter.


My Photogrammetry 3D Models