What Excites Me About Startups

A startup company is a testing ground for new ideas. For a growing business, there’s a constant need for innovation and improvement. This excites me because I’m always seeking new ways to create value.

For instance, I currently do remote work at Sample Focus. The website is a freemium service that provides sound files to users. It’s fun to work on the website because I have the unique opportunity to provide critical feedback that will impact the future of the website.

To shape the future of user experiences, I constantly figure out new ways to engage the community. I frequently optimize user searches, come up with ideas, and curate sound collections.

Why I Want to Work at a Startup

1. To meet new people.

I’d love the opportunity to connect with people in a meaningful way. Remote work is convenient, but collaborating alongside professionals would be incredible!

2. To learn about organizations.

One of my biggest goals is to gain an understanding of how a company functions. What better place to do this than a startup?

A startup company provides a unique opportunity to become a part of the construction of a company. If I had to learn how to build a house, I’d learn a lot more by being a part of the construction process. I’m excited to learn through experience.

3. To be at the forefront.

Working at a tech startup is being at the forefront of something historically significant. After all, technology is brand new on the scale of human history. Being ahead of new events, trends, and ideas, excite me. Naturally, a startup company provides an environment where my daily activity, is affecting the world. (even in little ways)

We’re living through a time period of transformation in our society. By working at a startup company, I can be a part of history.