5 Traits. 5 People.

As individuals, we each have our own set of unique traits.

Traits are representative of how we interact with the world around us. In the following post, I’m going to share 5 of my personal traits that I want to enhance. I’m also going to speak about some of the people that I spend time with.

The 5 Traits I Want to Enhance:

  1. Inspirational
    On several occasions, people have told me that I inspire them creatively. I’m not sure how I do this, but I’m going to figure that out and continue.
  2. Adventurous
    Exploring places and trying new things fuels my soul. In the coming days, I want to fully harness my adventurous energy.
  3. Optimistic
    An optimistic perspective helps manifest positive happenings in my life. Maintaining optimism can be challenging when things are bleak, so I want to develop habits to help integrate it into my everyday mindset.
  4. Compassionate
    I consider how others are feeling and I find ways to meaningfully encourage them to pursue their pathways. Enhancing my emotional intelligence is a constant goal of mine.
  5. Imaginative
    My mind is constantly churning new ideas and vibrant visual concepts. I want to find a way to integrate my imagination into the work that I do.

Throughout the course of my life, I’m going to fine tune these traits and begin to understand how they relate to me.

5 People I’ve Spent Time With Who Impact Me:

1. Mauricio

  • He’s an independent, free spirited person and former mentor of mine. Mauricio accelerated my interests in creative multimedia and helped me develop a mindful lifestyle. He taught me my foundational knowledge of photography and modern music production in a way that engaged me.

2. Emme

  • She’s one of my best friends. Emme is: artistic, observational, poetic, and conscientious. She loves theater, archaeology and history. We both have a passion for exploring new places and we constantly bounce ideas off of each other. She inspires me to solve mysteries and to begin new artistic projects.

3. Ken Danford

  • Ken is the co-founder of a self-directed learning center called North Star. The motto of this center is: “Learning is natural, school is optional.” I attended North Star for 4 years and alongside homeschooling, it was a life-changing experience. Ken is a leader, speaker, and writer. He
    wrote a book about North Star, because he’s working hard to spread the word about it’s success. Watch his TedX talk here

4. James

  • He’s a natural leader, philosopher, and creative individual. Him & I ran an online gaming community together for a while. Throughout our times, we’ve had in-depth discussions and have collaborated on videos. James has a lot of technical expertise and knowledge of the video game industry. I relate to his passionate drive to create content.   

5. Frank Ward

  • Frank is a photographer and professor who has traveled the world taking pictures. He has many interesting stories to tell, with photographs to accompany them. He has a quirky and eccentric approach to life and an ascended vision for art and composition. I have a lot of respect for Frank’s energetic personality and his work.

I’m very impressed by Frank’s work. Check it out here.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed learning about my personal traits and some of the people I hold in high regard.