Project Ideas

Throughout August, I’m excited to begin working on a project that signals my traits and skills. It’s my goal to convey my ability to create multimedia content and think outside the box.

Video Projects

After considering some options, I’ve decided a perfect medium for a project is video. Video doubles as a way to showcase quality content while demonstrating my outside the box approach. For instance, I could create a video tutorial educating people about my unique approach to photography for 3D model rendering (which is something I’m good at). This showcases both my 3D design skills and my ability to create videos.

YouTube Channel

The idea of building a fresh YouTube channel from scratch appeals to me. In addition to the channel, I would publish content to other platforms. My ability to grow the channel would especially signal value to a future employer!

Back in 2017, I had an idea for a series of tutorials that showed viewers niche ways to creatively experiment in the digital space.

However, I put forth no effort to promote the content, nor to create cohesion between the videos. I simply demonstrated some interests I was pursuing in my spare time. Regardless of this, the tutorial videos that I created received positive feedback from a decent amount of people that stumbled across them.

My one big issue with the old videos is my lack of taking them seriously. Between the moments of valuable insights and teachings there are some absurd “comedic” moments.

An old tutorial where I explain how to transmit images over air through sound. (Which has been used for viral ARG marketing)

Creating tutorial videos is something that I’d love to revisit in a more considered way. With more polish, a script, and more overall cohesion between videos, I see this as an exciting potential project!

Create a Course on Udemy

Creating an online course on a platform such as Udemy would give me a unique edge if I was able to get people to pay for the content. Udemy has an audience of people looking for valuable educational content, so it might make more sense to focus my effort on that platform, rather than YouTube (which is over-saturated with videos.) Udemy would help my content stand out.

Getting subscribers for a course would prove that my videos are quality enough to not simply get likes and comments, but for people to provide money to access it. This would be a way to create a product and sell it.

Overall, I’d demonstrate a hybrid of skills required for sales, marketing, and technical roles.

I’m thinking about creating a photogrammetry course. Photogrammetry is an emerging medium with a huge amount of future potential. I know that it’s going to be a big part of our digital content future. I want to take advantage of my conceptual foresight and passion to create content about this topic!

Sell Something

Another idea is to sell things on an e-commerce platform. I would document the entire process to showcase my ability to market and sell products. I was thinking this could include digital material such as 3D models, stock photography, or royalty free music tracks. Through trial and error, experimentation and many adjustments, I would create a marketing funnel to drive sales.

Final Thoughts

Within all of these main projects, I have a lot of ideas for other projects that all follow these similar ideas. I’m considering writing an e-book or creating a podcast however I’m leaning towards videos because I see it as the most fun way to both market myself and teach people something valuable!

Whatever I end up doing for this project, I’m going to approach it with enthusiasm and excitement to make it the best it can be.