20 Gigabytes in 2 Weeks

That’s right! I’ve created over 20 gigabytes of files over the past 2 weeks of working on my tutorial videos. My project folder contains 1,745 files as of making this post. This folder includes:

  • wav sound recordings and original music
  • many .png and .jpg images
  • 1 hour and 11 minutes of .mp4 video files.

The most valuable file? It’s only 5 kilobytes and it’s my script .txt file.

Yes. The most important file is 0.000025% of the total project file size.

It contains all of the main points I want to convey in each of my videos. In it, I’ve written out everything I narrate and the cues for every image and video I fade in. It’s the master-plan. A chaotic assemblage of words and ideas to form a blueprint for the project.

Some music I created for the intro of my next video.
a preview of an animation I created for an upcoming video.


My biggest challenge this past week, was juggling my new job with the tasks of this project. I created my project outline before I had the job so I never accounted for how overloaded I’d be. My challenges were a mix of time and energy management. I found moments where I could work on my project however I was just too mentally drained to be able to make any progress with it.

Overall, the new job has effected my ability to work on my project in ways I hadn’t predicted, however, it’s not stopping me from completing my fully realized vision for it. I’m learning to find ways to manage my energy on top of my time, and I’m figuring out strategies to get healthy and stay on top of my routine.

The Next Steps

Here’s a link to the blog post for my second video. Next week I’ll be honing in on my documentation efforts to create an insightful summary of this entire process, and uploading two more videos!

Looking to the future, I’m not going to hold back. I’ll certainly continue with my YouTube channel for the years to come. More tutorial videos, creative multimedia content, and maybe some videos documenting my experiences in the hospitality industry.

The video editing software
Electronic music compositions
So many layers!