Project Update #1

I’ve begun working on an all encompassing project.
It’s my goal to deliver a series of clear and concise video tutorials. These video tutorials will demonstrate inventive ways to construct multimedia content.

The videos are meant to be informative, inspirational, and empowering. Overall, it’s my goal to become a topical authority in some niche fields such as 3D design, photogrammetry, viral marketing (ARGs),  and other futuristic mediums. I’m going to demonstrate various production processes that I’m passionate about, and teach how they can be used to create engaging content!

Last week I:

  • brainstormed and documented my video content ideas
  • established a workflow
  • set up my YouTube channel
  • scripted out some videos
  • created a content release timeline for the channel

This week I:

  • Created a project template to use for all of my video edits
  • Recorded my narration audio
  • Recorded, edited and finalized my first video
  • Created a thumbnail
  • wrote descriptions and an accompanying blog post to coincide with the upload

I struggled with script writing and learned that in order to make that process easier, that it’s important to scrap what doesn’t work! Rearranging and simplifying the script makes it much more understandable.

The other thing I struggled with was narration. I sounded too monotone and robotic in my original recordings. To address this, I started to smile when I spoke. This caused me to become sort of ecstatic as I recorded which significantly helped me sound more comfortable, natural and conversational.

Next week I’m going to repeat this process and start going more in-depth into the topics I’m exploring. I’m also going to establish a plan for growing the channel and engaging my audience.

after working for many hours, I was going a little crazy while recording my narrations. I ended up discovering that smiling while narrating, helped me speak conversationally.

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