3D Scan Lounges – A Future Business

A 3D scanning dome

I had an idea for a new type of business. Welcome to the 3D lounge. This is a space where you create 3D models using state of the art equipment. The workshop would empower multimedia creatives, and many other customers, to produce new types of content.

In the center of the space, there’s an illuminated geodesic dome. This is what people use to capture 3D portraiture. Attached to the structure are many DSLR cameras that are tethered to a computer system. The cameras each take pictures in sync. The computer system then processes the image data.

Bullet Time Photography

This setup allows you to take bullet-time photography. Take pictures from multiple angles at the same time. Put these photos together to “freeze time”.

An example of bullet time.

I could see this type of photography being fun at parties or events. Maybe the images could be embedded on a company “team” page or used for viral marketing campaigns.

3D Figurines

Images can be processed into a 3D printable model. The 3D scan lounge would be fully equipped with full-color 3D printers. This means that you could create 3D figurines of yourself, friends, or family.

Doob 3D does this at select locations throughout the USA.

This could be used in many ways. Create custom figurines for D&D or a board game. Sports team trophies could feature each unique player. Grandma could have small 3D figurines of her grandchildren throughout the years.

3D Avatars for Holo-conferencing

Maybe we’ll discover that 3D models of people have a use case for holo-conferencing. Holo-conferencing is a lot like online video calls, however, this uses realtime processing of volumetric data to create “holograms”.

The 3D Scan lounge could become a place that facilitates holo-conferences between different lounges across the world. As this technology becomes more optimized, this could become another opportunity for 3D lounges.

What would you create if you had access to a 3D scan lounge?

3D print your dog? Add yourself to a video game? What would you do? Fill out the form below! I’d love to hear your ideas.