4 Ways to Summon Creativity

Inspirational content fuels the mind. Whether it’s a book or a piece of art, the content we consume shapes our creative experiences. In this post, I’m going to show you 4 ways I become creatively inspired.

1. Trying new things.

Listen to a different genre of music. Drink or eat something you haven’t tried before. Take a different route home. These are all simple ways that you can expose yourself to new ideas.

People are very habitual. We like to sit in the same chairs and order the same food. Try to sit in a different seat and change your perspective. For me, trying new things always leads to a new creative adventure.

2. Reading Poetry

Poetry uses simplistic phrases to paint scenes using words. Reading poetry changed my perception of how words can be used. This has widened my imagination. Haikus are especially effective at conveying big ideas using minimal words.

3. Pinterest & Pixiv

I love browsing on the websites Pinterest & Pixiv.

Pinterest is like a scrapbook. Create boards where you can pin images that inspire you. My boards consist of unique photography, paintings, and illustrations.

a Pinterest board with images that inspire me.

Pixiv is a Japanese online community for artists. The illustration work on the website is refreshing and original. Anime styled fantasy scenes are beautiful and intense.

Still by Tofuvi

Green Tower by さしみん(たいら)

4. Writing down dreams.

Dreams are undoubtedly a source of divine inspiration. When I wake up, I write them down in a dream journal. When you do this, you’ll begin to engage with their mysterious nature. This has increased my awareness and ability to remember dreams.

Soon you’ll begin to notice connecting ideas & themes between your dreams. These are your “dream motifs”. For instance, my dreams often include calm oceans, lighthouses, exploration & journeys.

Dreaming has directly influenced my art. This is a soundscape that was directly inspired by sounds I perceived in a dream.

This photograph was also inspired by a dream. In the dream, someone was wrapped with light as if it were rope.

Becoming creatively inspired requires exploration. By exploring new ideas you will invoke your artistic spirit.