How I’ve Created Value at my New Job

I always search for new ways to create value. Because of this, people learn that I’m someone who they can go to for help. My work ethic opens up new opportunities for me.   

Working at a hotel requires a lot of problem-solving. My job as a front desk agent includes a variety of responsibilities. As a trainee, I don’t understand how to do every aspect of my job. Because I’m still learning, I make an extra effort to help on the side.

Here are the ways I’ve discovered that I can create value for my hotel.

1. Picking up Litter on the Property

While walking through the parking lot before my shift, I check the area to make sure there isn’t any noticeable litter. On one occasion, there was a mess of beer bottles and broken wine glasses scattered around on the planters. I threw them into the dumpster and cleaned up the area. Now guests would have a better impression of our hotel.

2. Taking on Grunt Work

Whether it’s brewing coffee for the lobby, restocking our amenities, or preparing water bottles, I perform these tasks with excitement. Rather than saying: “I have to do coffee.” I say: “I get to brew coffee”. This shift of mindset radiates positivity.

3. Finding Solutions to Problems

I may not know the answer, but I’ll at least try to find the solution! Trying and failing is better than not trying at all. In most cases, we figure something that works.

Recently a guest came to me who was having issues with the laundry machine. I had no idea how to fix it, but I accompanied them to the laundry room. None of my tinkering with the machine seemed to be working. I was about to give up when I decided to shake it. Suddenly, the machine began washing!

Later that night some other guests had a problem with the laundry as well. I shook the machine for them too. Laughter ensued. If I hadn’t tried, these positive interactions would’ve never taken place.

4. Redesigning Documents

Recently my manager tasked me with removing irrelevant pages from our “Emergency Procedure Binder.” I took it a step further and proposed a way we could redesign the entire document. This redesign includes a table of contents and easily accessible tabs on the sides of the binder. 

This is what my manager wrote to me on a sticky note after I dropped my rough draft in her mailbox.

5. Ready to Do My Job

By being ready to learn, I’m able to absorb more information. Sometimes, I’m afraid to make mistakes, but I realize that mistakes are a necessary component of learning. I take every opportunity I can to take notes and learn new things.

So far I’ve been mentioned in two online feedback reviews. I’m very happy about this because I didn’t expect those kind of results within the first 1 1/2 months of working. Guests and coworkers have complimented me and this to me is a personal indicator that I’m on the right track.