The Increasing Unpopularity of Schools

School is becoming increasingly unpopular, but why? What can we do to positively change school and education? These are topics I’ll be actively exploring on this blog.

A Flawed System

Just look at Google search trends to get an idea of what people think about school.

I’m going to personally address some of these questions that many students have sought answers for.

Why is School Boring?

School is boring because you’re not learning things that are interesting to you. It’s that simple. On top of that, you’re being forced to learn things that you don’t enjoy or see any benefit in. Also, you’re spending 6 hours a day doing this.

Why is School Hard?

School is hard because you are a child/teenager who’s been taught to hate learning. Despite the belief that all kids hate learning, it’s important to realize this hatred is the result of compulsory learning.

Besides this, it’s hard to learn something you don’t want to. Even if you did want to learn it, wouldn’t it be best to learn it in the way that’s most comfortable for you? This varies for everyone! Certain people are more visual learners, some people are more hands-on, and others prefer reading.

Why is School so Long?

In high school, you’ll spend somewhere around 3000+ hours of your life in school or doing homework. How many hours you spend every day was decided by your local district based on the laws in your state. It was not decided with consideration for you as an individual, but rather, based on the general success rate of the population.

Why is School so Expensive?

The expense of private schools and college is reflective of high demand. Many people have associated schools with success. Since everyone wants to be successful, everyone flocks to the schools. Yet, there are lists of successful who’ve did not go to college.

The flaws with schooling that I’ve mentioned so far applies to the high prices as well. The traditional systems are inefficient, unsustainable and bloated. There’s a lack of market incentive to fix something that is broken.

Why is School Stressful?

It’s hard because as school becomes more challenging, you spend more time on your homework. This means you have less time in your personal life to relax. Constant pressure and deadlines for something you might not even want to do are difficult.

Schools discourage your individual autonomy. They do this by creating an environment where you have to ask for permission to do things. In many pre-college schools, students can’t even use the bathroom without asking!

Why is School Depressing?

School is dangerous. This is indicated by youth suicide rising sharply with the school year.

Our broken, taxpayer-funded, education system is contributing to the stress and depression of many teens. This is why I believe that the dysfunction of the U.S. Education System is one of the biggest issues in the country.

That’s all for today’s post.

In future articles, I’ll be writing about some positive ways we can adapt the current school systems and change our societal approach to education. We can take an approach that’s more natural and integrative of individuals.

Transforming the way we view education has the potential to reduce the youth suicide rate and transition us into a flourishing future.