Selling Beats Online as my New Passive Income

Yesterday, I got a surprise sale on my Traktrain. Traktrain is an invite-only platform where producers can sell their instrumental music tracks.
For each track you sell, you define the terms of the sale.

Rappers, vocalists, and other creative people seek out beats on this site to use for their projects. Typically, rappers purchase beats on this site to use for their musical production. Upon purchasing the license, people can redistribute the music.

This recent sale was shocking because I’ve put minimal effort into marketing my tracks. Every 3 or so months, I get a sale. They’ve just been sitting online, collecting digital dust.

However, because of this sale, I had an extra 10 dollars. I used 5 dollars of it to purchase a bubble tea.

As I sipped the bubble tea, I became inspired. What if I stepped up my game? What if I was able to sit back and sip more bubble tea using the money I made online selling beats?

Getting Entreprenuerial

Because the tracks are digital, there’s an unlimited quantity of them. With automatic delivery, I don’t have to worry about shipping out physical products. Overall, the cost of this business is very low.

All I have to do is focus on is producing high quality, unique instrumentals, and promoting them online. The more music I create, the higher potential for passive income I have.

Passive income is money that requires little to no effort to maintain. The opportunity to generate passive income using digital products is huge because of this minimal overhead.

My Business Strategy

In order to get my beats noticed, I’m going to offer unique musical tracks. This means I’ll be more experimental with my sound design approach. Many people simply create trendy, trap-style beats using typical 808 drum sounds. My personal goal is to create music that’s original.

On a weekly basis, I plan on starting new music projects and doing frequent social media promotion. I’ve never even attempted to promote my tracks, so I could imagine that this will result in some form of growth!

I’ve been developing my skills in music production for the past 6 years. Even though I’d never approached it in a business way, it was 4 years until I saw my first dollar. Based on my sales, I can tell that people are looking for unique, and affordable beats. With my refined insight and experience, I’m ready to get started down this pathway.