Anti-Vaping Hysteria, Schools, & Suicide.

Have you seen the headlines? The anti-vaping hysteria is in full effect. This is pushing policymakers to further regulate or ban vaping.

I get it, we’re upset about the school kids that vape. After all, 7 people have died from vape related diseases.

I know it’s scary. But is vaping really to blame for this? This issue seems to me like it has to do more with healthy decision making. Maybe unhealthy decision making stems more from mental health. Not fun flavored e-cigarette advertisements.


Escapism, depression, and unhealthy life decisions are caused in part by the dysfunctional compulsory schooling system. The lack of personal autonomy in our schools is harming the mental health of its students.

Indoctrination and the forced conditioning of ideas result in deep resentment. This presents itself in the form of rebellion.

This rebellion is against “safety”. Because the kids are told that “going to school is a safe decision”.

But here’s my question: Is school actually a safe decision?

Statistics show that youth suicide rates rise sharply with the start of the school year. Why does this happen? Schools do more to damage the intrinsic curiosity and mental health of their students, then they foster and support it.

If being unhappy is being safe, maybe kids are finding happiness in unsafe activities.

Want to lessen vaping addictions? Don’t ban vapes. Address the root of the issue. Why are kids making unhealthy decisions? Why are they stressed and depressed? Why do they seek vaping as an escape? The truth is, they are seeking to escape the prison that is compulsory schools.

These places have a tendency to push mentally unstable people over the edge.

The tragedy of school shootings is a deeper and more disturbing reflection of this dysfunctional system. A system that is teaching people to subconsciously hate it. All this tells me is that schools represent an oppressive totalitarian product that is directly linked to people’s homicidal actions.

This by no means justifies the act of a school shooting. But what will it take for us to recognize that it’s not just “mental illness” or guns that motivate an individual to commit an act of evil, but rather, their upbringing?

Just Ban It.

Often times people seek to ban things to solve problems.
Did banning alcohol work during prohibition?
No, in fact, it fueled underground alcohol markets.
Did banning drugs work for the war on drugs?
No. It worsened violent crime, increased drug use, and cost billions of dollars.

Ban guns? Ban vapes? Ban as many things as you’d like. See if that solves the problem.


It’s time to
-end school shootings
-lessen youth addiction
-and lower suicide rates


Remove the necessity of a school system. Replace it with options. Encourage individual autonomy through a fluid, and individualized personal education pathway.

Create alternative schools. Start workshops that teach trade skills. Design collaborative spaces.
$13,000 is spent on the average public school student.

Let’s try giving each public school student $5,000 to invest in their own education, books, and activities.

Whether it’s to support e-learning or homeschooling initiatives, we need to start paying closer attention to the individual person.

Let’s come up with more ideas. Whatever it is we need options. What works for one person won’t work for another. The more options, the better.

Let’s embrace the pursuit of personal liberty and re-discover a love for ourselves in the process. The future is at stake.