What I Learned From 30 Days of Blogging

I did it! Since my initial announcement, I’ve written a blog post every single day for the past month. While it was definitely a challenge, I feel like I could do it again.

Writing every day has taught me so much. Here are some of the things I learned.

1. Keep it Concise.

When we are writing we tend to let a huge variety of words flow onto the page in a seemingly unnecessary way to form very long sentences that can be annoying to read.

When we write, we tend to use more words then we have to.

Why write an entire paragraph when a single sentence is all that’s needed? I’ve learned that removing clutter improves the readability of a post. For this reason, I’m always looking for ways to reword my writing.

2. Points. Not Subjects.

Initially, I had all these ideas for subjects to write about. This turned out to be a big challenge. I’ve learned that subjects are for books, not posts. The trick is to make a point.

Don’t write about “Cooking”.

Write about “How to Cook the Perfect Pumpkin Pie”

Subjects are general, broad, and unfocused. A point is focused and specific. Take the subject you want to write about, and break it down to find something more specific.

3. Write Down your Ideas

I needed a constant flow of ideas to write a blog post every day. There were some instances where I was experiencing “Writers Block” and I couldn’t figure out what to write.

By reading books, online articles, and engaging with myself in a deeply intellectual way, ideas started to flow. Freely writing down random ideas helped me pay attention to my thoughts. This helped me overcome writers block.

The worst thing was having ideas bottled up inside my head. I had to get it down on paper, so I could revisit idea at a later date.

Overall, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this. It’s inspiring to me that I did. Writing is a personally enriching activity that I’m excited to continue with.