Why Slack is Well-poised for Growth

Why do I believe that Slack is on track for positive growth?
My answer has to do with GenZ. Let me explain.

As I mentioned in 3 Big Ways to Digitally Market to GenZ, the people of this generation are digital natives. For this reason, GenZ’s way of doing business involves using collaborative software for streamlined operations.

Discord is a communication software with 19 million active users and 150 million registered users. Millions of users are under the age of 18 and haven’t yet entered the workforce. Discord is hugely popular with GenZ.

Slack has 10 million active users and is used by over 600,000 organizations. Slacks appearance also inspired Discord’s user interface design. It’s a digital collaboration software designed for professionals.

As GenZ transitions into the workforce, we’re going to see a big emphasis on digital communication and collaboration. Naturally, GenZ will make use of what’s familiar to them. Like Discord, the interface and purpose of Slack will be familiar to GenZ.

For these reasons, I believe that Slack is in a strategic position with huge potential for growth. Discord has rubbed off on GenZ and they’ll be looking to emulate their online experiences in the organizational setting.

Slack remains undiscovered by tens of millions of GenZers who haven’t yet become managers, and when they do, it’s only going to benefit Slack.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts!