Exploring the Overlook Mountain House Ruins

The Overlook Mountain House

I hiked to this mysterious place located at the top of the Overlook Mountain. This structure is the concrete shell of a hotel reconstruction.

After having burnt down twice, the owner decided to rebuild it using fireproof concrete. However, this redesign would never be fully realized. Construction was abandoned sometime in the 1930s.

Birch trees grow inside the main lobby.

What remains is becoming overtaken by nature.

Looking into the main lobby area, caused me to reflect on my own experiences working at a hotel.

I wondered what this place could’ve been like. Polished wood floors? A warm fireplace? Maybe the ambiance of a Jazz record on a phonograph.

an entryway

through the second floor

I took over 500 pictures of the interior and created this 3D model. Maybe one day in the future, the 3D model could be used for historical archive purposes.

Abandoned places have this special allure to me. They’re peaceful places that are filled with unexpected beauty around every corner.

It’s the blend between man made structures and nature that creates beauty. It’s the juxtaposition between concrete and birch.

The time that has passed is evident by the weathered concrete, and the plants.

Evocative of the past, the present, and future.