The Alphabet (Writing Experiment)

I used the letters of our alphabet as a creative free-writing prompt. I allowed myself to reflect on artistic ideas I’ve had throughout the year.

This is a rough assemblage of ideas from my endlessly churning consciousness.

A is for Aperture.

If the camera were like a hose. The aperture determines how much light (water) we let in through the hose’s nozzle.

B is for Bokeh.

Outside focus. Abstracted blurs shifting.

C is for Chromatic.

Aberrations result from misalignment. Colors are reflected and absorbed.

D is for Digital.

Small Photodiode pixel amplifiers.

E is for Emissive.

Light is surprisingly modular and sentient.

F is for Flash.

Spontaneous light bursts remind us of parties. Red eye family photos.

G is for Godrays.

Dust particles float, and catch the beam in a warm tomb.

H is for High Key.

She’s in a white place. Sort of floating. Surrounded by snow, or sky. Highlights.

I is for Imagination.

Limitless. Images invoke.

J is for Jazz.

Visual assemblage. improvisational energy.

K is for Kindle.

To spark flames.

L is for Lossless.

Contents not under pressure. Raw and uncompressed. Longing for something real. Lenticular?

M is for Myriad.

Levels of perception descending fractals. Decisive Moments. Muses.

N is for Noise.

Chaos or a low fidelity feeling.  

O is for Obscura.

In a sealed room with nothing but a pinhole.  

P is for Pigment.

If life were a plein air, or a dripping watercolor… Palettes.

Q is for Questions.

Sometimes they’re the answer.

R is for Rolling.

Motion, Energy and repetition. There’s something organic about tumbling objects and the cyclical breath.

S is for Specular

The wet cobblestone in the neon light.

T is for Tangible.

It’s a feeling. Immersive.

U is for Umbrellas.

I see these in my dreams. 

V is for Volumetric.

The future medium. Live streamed mesh imaging.

W is for Wide Angle.

Feeling up-close and personal.

X The horizonal axis.

Y The vertical axis.

Z Forward or backward?

So many directions.