Lenticular Allure

Ever heard of a lenticular? Maybe when you were a child, you saw one on a bookmark or sticker.

Example of a movie poster lenticular

I’m intrigued by the artistic potential presented by this medium.

A lenticular print utilizes multiple images interlaced together. A refractive “lens” is placed over the print to stitch together these images. When the lenses are viewed from different angles, you’ll see different slices of images combining. This can be used to create animations, 3D effects, or shifting colors.

It was hard to find the lenticular sheets, but I was able to find a good manufacturer through Alibaba. The test sheets arrived two weeks after I finished negotiating with the supplier. (Susan Su from Lensky is awesome)

Lenticular Sheet Box. 75 LPI.

I’m currently using the software 3D MasterKit by Triaxes to generate the images. After months of work and experimentation, I was able to discover many compositional requirements when creating visual work for lenticular.

One discovery I’ve made is that you can use lenticulars to create color-shifting compositions. This is done by incrementally changing the hue across an image-set and interlacing them together.

However to print any lenticular image you need high-resolution prints. I’m a member at a local workshop space that gives me access to an Epson printer capable of printing at 1440 DPI. The final images are Gigabytes in size and astronomically high resolutions.

Here are some examples of me aligning my experiments.

What do you think the possibilities are?