About Me

Based in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts.

– a Gen Zer with an overarching goal to be an entrepreneur.
– a high school opt-out and lifelong learner
– an artist with a burning desire to create.
– a bit eccentric.

Why do I aspire to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are able to remain adaptable in the ever-changing world. They’re free to pursue contentment because of their independence, drive, and passion.

At first, the idea of being an entrepreneur was a response to seeing the financial stresses of many people. Watching people become trapped in cycles of problems and debt has inspired me to be frugal and resourceful.

I believe business is one of the best tools we have for social change. One day, I’m going to start a social enterprise so I can shape the future and create a positive social impact.

While pursuing this lifestyle, I want to free myself from the fear of scarcity by fully embracing the abundant possibilities we have access to. By adopting this mindset, I’m confident I’ll be able to live the free life I desire.

Why did I opt out of the school system?

I left school because it suffocated my ability to properly live, learn, and develop. Leaving school in 7th grade allowed me to discover what I wanted to do with my life. I’m not saying that schools are inherently bad, but rather that they didn’t work for me.

At first, leaving felt strange. With nobody telling me what to do, initially, I didn’t do much. Eventually, the natural desire to learn came back to me. I no longer hated reading and I realized that it was something that traditional schooling had taught me to hate. Upon these realizations, I fully embraced this new adventure of self-directed education.

It’s assumed that kids naturally hate to learn new things and that we have to force information into them. I realized that this is a self-defeating, cyclical prophecy. Being forced to learn specific subjects only made me feel reluctant to accept any of what was being taught.

I can say without a doubt that homeschooling was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. For this reason, I’m passionate about spreading the philosophy about alternative education and unschooling.

 If the camera didn't exist, I think this same idea could be applied to writing.

Why do I love to take pictures?

I’m a total geek and taking pictures is the perfect blend of technology and art. I believe that photography can teach us many important concepts that are universally applicable. Photographing has trained me to see the world in a different way.

There’s a concept in Hindu philosophy called “Maya”. The Maya is like a veil that exists between us and reality. It’s an illusion that causes us to see the phenomenal world.

In order to take great photos, you gradually learn how to lift that veil, and see the world in an entirely new way. This creative process has broadened my perspective and helped me gain skills in thinking outside the box.

Photography is a practice in creative experimentation, mindfulness, and observation. Throughout my explorations, it has guided me to discover new things about the world.

I love exploring new places.

Exploration and discovery are my main motivators. See me wandering in an alleyway or spelunking in a cave. There’s nothing that excites me more than the process of exploring and traveling.

I recently discovered a secret cave in my local area!

I’m always wondering where my adventures will take me next.

Thanks for reading.
– Crew