About Me

– a Gen Zer with an overarching goal to live life as an entrepreneur.
– an artist with a burning desire to create
– a bit eccentric.

Why do I aspire to be an entrepreneur?

I think it has to do with having had grown up during the Great Recession. At first, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur was a response to seeing the financial stresses of many people and watching them get trapped in the hamster wheel of life. Entrepreneurs are able to remain adaptable in the ever-changing world to pursue contentment. They’re independent, driven, and free people.

However, I discovered an even better reason to become an entrepreneur.

By enterprising, I’m able to shape the future I want to see for myself and create a positive social impact in the world. I believe business is one of the best tools we have for social change. I am dead set on creating a positive dent as we continue forward in the 21st century.

(Work in progress)