🏝️ Nifty Island – Web3 Content Pieces

These pieces are made in Blender and edited with Adobe Premiere. The turnaround on these videos depends on the complexity, but usually ranges from <one day to a week.

Many of them were made in anticipation of events, or to engage various Web3 communities on social media.

We do a little viral marketing. πŸ‘€
In anticipation of NFT NYC 2022, I storyboarded and produced this video to satirize the general vibe of the market at the time. It resulted in good engagement and an overall fun time.

classic deadfellaz

I commissioned a Discord bot for the community that chats with the users. It’s one of the most active channels on the Discord. I love it when we use AI in these sorts of creative ways, to inject energy into social interactions, and create novel experiences.

Showcasing the capabilities of the marketplace in short inspirational videos. I’m inspired by topical authority marketing strategies.

One of three video promos for an event I ran